Shop Etiquette

Our goal at Threshold Tattoo is to provide you with the best possible Tattoo or Piercing in a clean, friendly environment. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and will work with you to make sure you have a positive experience. A few tips regarding shop etiquette will help everyone achieve this goal.

The Tattoo Design Process

You are welcome to come and look any time; we have thousands of designs to choose from. If you want to get tattooed, try to have some idea of what you want. If you have a design, please bring it with you. The more references you have, the easier it will be to explain your idea to your artist. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just ask, artists have plenty of reference and the shop has internet access. Some custom work may require a few days draw time, and you may be asked to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome.


Each tattoo is priced according to the size, location on the body, the amount of color, and detail in the piece. Let your artist know what types of designs you like, and a price range you would like to stay in, so they can help design your perfect tattoo.

Tattooing & Piercing

Please do not continue to ask, “Does it hurt?” Tattoos and piercing effect everyone differently, expect it to hurt some. Please sit as still as possible when getting a tattoo or piercing. Please let your tattoo artist or piercer know if you are prone to passing out or if you are queasy or not feeling well at any time. Please do not talk on your cell phone. Please wear appropriate clothing to help expose the area being tattooed or pierced.


Children are welcome if they are supervised. If children are screaming, running amuck, endangering themselves and disturbing other customers, you will be asked to remove them from the premises. We are not responsible for the safety of your children.


DO NOT use your phone camera to take pictures of the tattoo designs.

Please do not come into the shop if you are intoxicated; it is against the law to tattoo or pierce anyone under the influence.

Threshold Tattoo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.